Eight months later…

Eight months. I mean, I wasn’t posting regularly before, but that was a tad ridiculous. I manage to kill plants in far less time.

We had a whole crazy school year between October and May.  The children learned, the teachers taught, everybody worked their tails off, and now we breath.

I made some a lot of stuff since I last checked in.


Like this Traveling Cable Hat for my lovely sister-in-law. Knit in Malabrigo something –  Rios, I think – whatever the worsted weight one is called.



A Blackwood Cardigan by Helen’s Closet – the first of many I’m sure.  I made the pattern as is, size medium, in plum ponte knit that I bought from Harts Fabric.  After dealing with the pocket fabric dragging under the machine, I opted to just leave them off.  Modeled above in my empty classroom at a time when I normally would have had third graders. I love field trips.




G asked for a new beanie, but one “without holes in it,” which means fingering weight yarn and itsy-bitsy needles.  This is the Baker’s Hat by Susan B. Anderson knit in Dream in Color Classy in the color way “Black Parade” – which translates to blackish-green.  I knit the biggest size and it fits like a glove… but it’s a hat… a hat that fits like a glove.  I love the way she has the ribbing extend up to a point at the crown, it’s simple, but effective.  We are both fans.

Also, I’d like to give a quick shout out to Caroline and Helen and the Love To Sew podcast, who in some way are responsible for the revival of Click and Whirr.  (More on that another time.) Have you listened? They are most excellent.

Toe -> bucket.  I’ll be back soon (no more than 8 months at least) to tell you about my improvised log-along (no, that is not a typo) sweater, and #memademay!


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