High Hopes

I always have high hopes for summer…  projects at home, school planning that will revolutionize my curriculum, the stack of books I’m going to read, new recipes to try, and of course there is the new wardrobe that will come flying off my sewing machine.

Well folks, its July. Actually, it’s late-July if I’m going to to be more accurate, but still vague.  What the H. E. Double hockey sticks happened to the last two months?

Summer has been lovely – we recovered from the end of school-year slam, drank coffee that wasn’t in a travel mug, camped, spent time with family and dear friends, did a bit of patio gardening, and I managed to not die riding my mountain bike.   I also made some things…. or more accurately – I made progress on things, most of which are for other people.  I love making things for other people, but admit I’m getting a bit nervous.  School starts in two weeks, and going to work naked is generally frowned upon.

In the midst of my summer of unselfish sewing I did jam out this Axel skirt by Megan Nielsen.

Photo taken with the flatirons and Chautauqua Dumpster

Fabric: A lovely ponte from the Indiesew collection
Source: Fabric purchased at Fancy Tiger Crafts; pattern from Indiesew
Size: Small
View: Version 2 – No alterations
Colorful Language: Besides jamming myself in the finger with a pin – None!
Elementary Appropriate: Not really – A long cardigan to cover the fitted toosh area would be a requirement, and you definitely cannot sit criss-cross applesauce in it.
Things Learned: I finally tackled a double needle. Why did I wait so long?
Next Time: I’ll definitely make this skirt again, but may try to give the “seat” area a bit more ease. The waistband fits perfectly, so I don’t want to make any adjustments there – I wonder if blending the skirt into the next size would work…

This pattern came together so quickly! I serged all of my seams and used a double needle on the hem.  I finished it just in time to wear it to G’s concert with the Colorado Music Festival Orchestra – perfect excuse for some selfish sewing.  Of course, this skirt doesn’t help solve my school wardrobe crisis.  More on what I learned about my wardrobe needs way back during Me Made May and how that is playing into my last minute Summer of Basics plan, next time.


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