Well, hello there

Well, hello there…. it’s been awhile!  I was on a solid kick with the every Monday postings, but then spring concert season hit and I basically got shoved off the wagon.  We have a week left of the school year. A week to get my Kindergarteners and 5th graders to perform one last time.  Six days to completely pack up my classroom so everything can be moved to our new building as soon as the kids walk out the door. Thirty-two more classes yet to hit my room with the expectation that they are going to learn something.  Then, we (and by “we” I mean “I”) will get to sleep past 6:30 a.m., take more than 15 minutes to eat lunch while only worrying about – you know – eating lunch, and go to the bathroom whenever I need to.

Ah, summer.

Since I last checked in, a few projects have been checked off the list, and a few have been started an abandoned in less time than it took to cast on.  But hey, this sweater for sweet baby Hazel is done. (Ignore the super bizarro lighting situation.)


Lilianna is a sweet little pattern. The lace keeps it interesting and the short sleeves keep it awesome (read: quick).  It took every inch of one skein of Madelinetosh DK to make the 6 month size. The button band is worked as you go, and thanks to my keen powers of observation I was able to notice (after binding off) that I had missed a row of garter stitch about 20 rows down from the top.  The sweater sat in timeout for a week while I tried to figure out how to fix/hide my mistake.  Now, I’d like to tell you that I fixed it, but as I told my kindergartners today, “lying is stinky and gross.” So, in the interest of not being stinky and gross, I’ll admit that my darning needle and a piece of scrap yarn came to the rescue – a bit of stitching to mimic the garter ridge loops and cover up the knit Vs and we were good (enough) to go.

My group of besties from college all started their families at a time when either I didn’t yet know how to knit, or was just learning and my skills weren’t up to snuff. This meant that adorable knits were not possible for the  babes born in that window. Now that I (sometimes) know what I’m doing, I considered trying to knit for the backlog of big kids… for all of about 30 seconds. I came to my senses when I reminded myself that, A. there are 15 of them now, B. I can’t even keep up with knitting for the babies that are still being born, and C. there are FIFTEEN of them.  So, the goal is to gift a knitted thing to (at least) one kid per family. My dear friend Molly and her husband had baby Jack last year, so I sent this scraptastic sweater his way.

It’s the Flax sweater from Tin Can Knits, and boy is this pattern a gem.  When I started this sweater (knit in Quince & Co. Owl – which I adore). I was confident there would be enough for the arms to be entirely blue…. but there wasn’t. So I decided to make the arms all in orange…. but there wasn’t enough orange to do that either.  Now, I do rather wish that I had made both sleeves like the striped sleeve, but part of me is also a fan of the mismatch – either way, Jack is so cute nobody is going to care about the sleeves!


The above photo was snapped by his mother Molly, who owns Paper Lemon Photography – if you live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul neck of the woods – she is amazing!  Let her photograph all of your special people!

Finally – and this is big – I finished my two years in the making Featherweight cardigan.


My lovely in-laws gifted me four skeins of gorgeous baby alpaca fingering weight yarn from their trip to Peru – I did a lot of swatching and scheming to find the right pattern, and finally settled on the ever popular Featherweight by Hannah Fettig.  I was concerned I’d run out of yardage before I finished – I need not have worried, there is a TON left. I’m saving the fourth color, a lovely purple, for something special.  I knit this bad boy exactly as the pattern said, and made the stripes 20 rows each.  This is the first sweater I’ve knit for myself that actually fits! I’m pretty super pumped about it.

It’s nice to get back to the blog after such a long hiatus.  I was just feeling super motivated tonight, and it felt really important to get back to it, and I had so many things I wanted to share, and….

Okay, I’m avoiding report cards.

One thought on “Well, hello there

  1. What lovely projects. Love the Madeline Tosh top – And I admit, I have fudged mistakes with scrap yarn too! Other ones great as well – and good idea not to overstretch yourself with promised projects. I learnt that mistake a few years ago – a friend has 5 children – I decided to knit them all a Christmas gift, and one for her too – it was way too close to Dec 25th. I finished the gifts for the children by a whisker, my friend received an I O U !


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