“Uh, Mrs. S…… You probably should move that red mug by your water fountain.”

Third graders were everywhere, and the line at the water fountain was particularly long.  We had just been folk dancing, so they were hot, and tired, and in an elementary school – a drink from the water fountain is a cure for all that ails you.

Bumped head?   Get a drink.
Tired?   Get a drink.
Hurt feelings?    Get a drink.
Wiggly tooth?   Get a drink.

It works every time (except for the pukers…. it doesn’t help them.)  So, when the girls started talking about a mug by my sink? I didn’t have time to give it much thought. After all I had instruments to move, and technology to wrestle while keeping an eye on my class, because that one minute of “transition” time can go south fast if a teacher isn’t on it.  Red mug, red mug…. I don’t even have a red mug.  Oh wait, I borrowed one out of the teachers’ lounge yesterday during my mad sprint through the school while on my fifteen minute lunch break.

I often leave my coffee mug sitting by my classroom sink after I pour out the inevitable half cup of cold coffee that one doesn’t have time to drink when they are teaching children.  I really should have ended the practice of leaving my cups in the vicinity of the sink after seeing a kindergartener take a big old gulp out of my dirty coffee stained mug one day.  I’d like you tell you I was worried about the health of the child after they borrowed my germs, but I had to tell a student not to lick the sand paper on the sand blocks (it’s an instrument) the other day too, so all things considered, drinking out of my dirty mug shouldn’t have been a concern, or much of a surprise.  The mug I found sitting next to my sink, however, did surprise me.


That’s right.  Somebody left an animal print “sexy” mug in the elementary school teachers’ lounge.  Now, is “sexy” a bad word? No. But do I want to have that conversation with third graders? Absolutely not.  Where this beauty came from, one can only guess.  It’s possible that once upon a time, some sweet child brought it as a teacher gift without realizing/understanding what it actually said. Of course their teacher kept it, and it eventually made it’s way to the lounge dishwasher… where, I grabbed it and put it to good use holding my delicious and nutritious lunch, which consisted of a handful of bottom of the bag tortilla chips and several big spoonfulls of 505 green chile.

The girls were right on my heels as I picked up the mug – waiting anxiously to see my reaction. I said something like, “Huh, that’s a weird mug in school, thanks for letting me know girls – I guess I should pay attention to little details like, you know, reading my coffee cups before I borrow them,” and promptly stashed it in the closet.

As it turns out, details matter.

Details matter so much, in fact, that I have zero made things to show you.  I’m working diligently on the details (i.e. zip fly, waistband, belt loops, etc…) of my Chi-Town Chinos and I have a Grainline Studio Farrow all cut out and waiting patiently for me to buy interfacing so I don’t stretch the living daylights out of the modal rayon I’m using.

I’m also plugging away at that little In Threes I showed you last week.  Almost done. I’m so close I can taste it.  I’ll share when it’s been sent/given to the sweet babe’s parents.  Until then, remember to pay attention to the little details.

Thanks for stopping by to see my sexy mug.


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