It’s a new year – calendar year, that is.  As a teacher, this “year” is only at its’ mid-way point. This is the time when I pause to evaluate how little I’ve taught, and the giant amount that is left to accomplish in the next five months.  I start the school year full of hope, goals, and curriculum maps – ready to execute my (relatively) well organized plans.

Then the children arrive…

I end up tossing half of it out the window and am reminded that for me, detailed planning is really just a cute idea.  When you teach 360 Kindergarten – 5th graders every week, you learn that while planning is important, flexibility is necessary. So, as I enter a new year of making, I’m trying to balance the big picture dreams with room for that much needed flexibility.  Sure, my fabric stash does not throw the same sort of unexpected wrenches at me that my students do (it’s been awhile since the stash peed on my floor), but when you’re making something, you never know what’s going to happen.

So, I give you my 2017 “Big Plans With Room For Flexibility!”  Let’s not call these resolutions; that makes my palms sweat, and then I can’t grip my seam ripper.

Not-A-Resolution #1 – Finish Christmas presents before summer. Progress was made on my favorite sister Sara’s hat this weekend. For those of you who care about the knitting of the things… this pattern is totes adorbs and the chart (actually it’s not a chart – it’s written out) is such that it’s memorizable without making your brain ache and your eyes bleed. Sometime I’ll tell you about the lace blanket pattern that made me cry for mercy.  The brothers’ hats are waiting in the wings.


Not-A-Resolution #2 – Finish projects already in progress. My knit-a-long sweater is done! It still, however,  needs blocking and buttons… and photos.

This featherweight cardigan has been a two year work in progress, and finally has reached the point where it only needs sleeves and a collar.  I’m so excited to wear this sweater! The yarn makes me all heart-eyes.


Hiding in my closet you’ll also find another half finished sweater, a big cowl, some mittens, a hat that needs to be ripped and re-knit (a story for another time), and a whole slew of yarn with dream projects attached.

My sewing projects need some serious tending, but I received a magical Colette Sewing Planner for Christmas, and I firmly believe that it will solve all of my organizational woes (rolls eyes while crossing fingers).  I’m super pumped about the planner and hope to jump back into the sewing/music room (you can make yourself new pants between scales – Db Major, iron, Db minor, sew a crotch seam…) now that the Christmas gift sewing slam is done.

See these belt loops? They are well on their way to becoming a pair of legit chinos. The pants might not fit, but at least the belt loops will look pretty fab. img_8447

Not-A-Resolution #3: Continue down the make your wardrobe – don’t buy it, path.  I get overwhelmed thinking about this process.  My “to make” list is crazy pants long, and my free time during the school year feels so minimal, but making and knowing where my clothes come from is something that I enjoy, and believe in.  I won’t jam my philosophies down anyone’s throat; we all have our own realities, but I’ll do my darnedest to grow and think about my own purchases.  Conscious consumerism and awareness – those are my goals, and finishing one garment per month – is my not-a-resolution resolution.

Not-A-Resolution #4: Keep writing.  I’ll admit that sometimes I feel silly writing this blog.  How very “millennial” of me (please note: I’m an early 80’s millennial – I remember the days of land lines, Oregon Trail, word-processing on a black screen with neon green font, and the excitement of hotmail chat) to feel I need to tell the world about the stuff I make.  So, I write a post, and then I stew about it for three  weeks until I get over myself and post again. I’ve thought about this quite a lot, and I have decided that:

A. I enjoy the writing and the sharing, or I wouldn’t have started it.

A’: Nobody is being forced to read this…. Except for my favorite sister, Sara and dear cousin, Liz – because I need proofreaders.

B. The maker community – it’s out there, and I’d love to be a part of it. A person can’t think about sewing patterns as much as I do and not have an outlet or they’ll go bananas.

C. Sometimes – we need bright places to retreat and find inane conversation that doesn’t make our souls ache.

Will some of my people think I’m ridiculous for writing a blog? Probably, but that’s okay – they don’t expect me to make normal/sensible decisions anyway.

Non-Not-A-Resolution related news:  Ginger the Bulldog turned 1 year old yesterday! Happy Birthday Gingy! (Gingi, Gingie, Gingee… something like that.) She is the best pint-sized bulldog in the history of ever anything. We love you, and Gunnar (photo bombing below) does too…. when you don’t steal his toys or try to gnaw on his leg.


Not-A-Resolution #5: My favorite brother, Andrew, said “Di, why don’t you just have a new blog post every Monday?” So, here I am – stating that I’m going to write something every Monday – or that’s my not-a-resolution, not-a-goal. My thanks in advance to everyone who reads.  Believe it or not, it means a lot.

4 thoughts on “Not-A-Resolution

  1. Evedine Lane

    Keep writing, Diana. I understand why you like to do that because writing is one of my favorite thing to do too.

    The sewing and knitting and crocheting? Not me. At one point in my life – decades ago – I enjoyed it; but that urge was brief!

    Teaching and music are also your gifts but not mine. 😦

    Great Aunt Evedine. (Speaking of lineage. Otherwise I can’t claim to be great.


  2. Kel

    I look forward to weekly updates this year! We need to have a conversation about sustainable clothing soon. It’s been on my mind lots lately and when you know better you do better, right!?! We’ll see how much I can manage with my time and resources, but I have a feeling you’ll have some good leads. Love your not-resolutions and your willingness to put your ideas and projects “out there” for others.


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