It’s the Little Things

I woke up with a Bulldog on my head.

Literally.  It is one of the few things that actually work to wake me in the morning. An alarm clock? Not so much.

Now, is this jarring and unexpected wake-up call an apt analogy for what the last few weeks have felt like? Certainly…. but, I’m not here to get into that.  We’ve just come off Thanksgiving break – and the stress of getting through the next three weeks is sitting as heavily as that little bulldog.  I spent vacation thinking about anything BUT what I need to accomplish (i.e. Putting on the 5th grade musical), and instead have been working on the want to accomplish list.

Turns out a few tiny people  – you know, our country’s future generation who will be responsible for dealing with/caring for whatever we leave for them – were on my mind.

Tiny human #1


One of my favorite tiny people needed a new beanie before the snow flew. This hat is the Wildflowers Cap by Mary Jane Mucklestone, published in Making magazine, Issue No. 1: Flora. The pattern is written to fit an adult head and use aran weight yarn.  I needed it to fit Mae’s adorable 16 inch baby sized noggin, so I did a bit of digging in the stash and came up with some Brown Sheep Company  Nature Sport, grabbed some size 5 circulars and knit the pattern as written.  I’d love to tell you what my gauge was, but I didn’t actually check it. As long as the hat wasn’t too small, I figured she would grow into it – babies have a tendency to do that.  Miracle of miracles, it fit beautifully – and I only had to add a handful of gray rows after the chart in order to make sure it was tall enough (6.5 inches from top of head to bottom of ear).

Tiny human #2 –

My college roomy and dear friend, Kelli, had baby girl #3 last week!  With the excitement of a tiny new person to knit for – all other projects were put on the shelf for a bit. I had a stern conversation with the voice that whispers (yells) in my ear to buy more yarn, and once again decided to take advantage of all of the remaining bits and pieces of much loved, but mostly used skeins. I used the free Puerep…wxyz pattern and went to town with a pile of beloved odds and ends, and this yoke happened.  The button band was a bit of a conundrum, but in the end I knit the collar and then left two little balls of the mint color hanging from each side while I knit the body.  Before I finished the bottom garter band I knit each button band on a couple of dpns (so I wouldn’t have to take the body stitches off the circular) until they matched the length of the body. Then I seamed the bands on and knit the bottom garter band with the body and button bands connected.



I was ready to knit the entire sweater in colorwork, but after consulting with my knitting advisor, we decided the yoke would be plenty. After dividing the sleeves, I used every last inch of an (almost) full skein of my favorite Quince & Co. Owl for the body. When I was finished knitting and had to start weaving in all of those yoke ends, I heaved a sigh of relief that I didn’t have an entire sweater’s worth to deal with.

A few more tiny people are on the knit list, but some big people are as well, and I’m still delirious enough to believe I’m making a bunch of Christmas presents. I know that these little woolen things might not ensure that we leave the world a better place, but they’ll keep the wee ones warm while we work on it.


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