A Blog, A Bulldog, & An Analogy


Dear Internet,

I’ve decided to start a blog.  Yes, yes, I know there are already blogs for everything. There are so many fantastic blogs for people who, like me, like to make (sew, knit, embroider, etc…) all of the things. So, why do I think the internet needs another sewing/knitting blog?  The answer, is that the internet doesn’t need one, but I do.  I’ll try to explain, but first you need to meet Ginger.


Ginger is a five month old English Bulldog puppy.  She is the coolest, and the naughtiest.

The other morning I returned home from coffee with a friend, only to find myself wondering: “How did my puppy become super pregnant in the last two hours?” Ginger’s belly looked like an over-filled water balloon. Her poor little tummy was hard as a rock, stretched tight, and her puppy scamper had turned into a slow waddle. What on earth had she gotten into?  No toys were missing, the garbage had been left alone, her dog food was up on the washing machine, her dog food should be up on the washing machine…. why is her food not on the washing machine?  (Insert colorful language here)  You see we’ve been putting the dogs’ food up high and leaving the laundry room door open, or putting their food on the floor and closing the door.  Guess which magic combo I hit that morning…

Food = floor, door = open.

That poor girl had eaten as much kibble as she was physically able to pack in.

Ginger got to spend the afternoon at the Vet’s office where they referred to her as “little Buddha” and had dibs on her “puppies.”  They had to help her “get rid of” some of her tummy contents so she would be more comfortable and not end up bloated and gassy. One end or the other, that little girl was going to have to do something with all of that food.  So, what does this have to do with starting a blog?

You see, like Ginger’s kibble filled tummy, I have reached the point with my making where I need output to balance the input. I’ve collected so many patterns (I quit counting at fifty) that I want to make or started to make and have not finished.  The kicker, is that I not only enjoy making things, but I believe in it.  I want to know where my clothes come from, where the wool is produced, and whose small business I’m supporting when I buy a pattern.  This also means that my wardrobe is in tough shape because I avoid shopping, because “I’ll just make that sweater, tank top, pants, etc…, myself.”

Now, I hate to compare the contents of this blog with the contents the vet induced Ginger to free, but an analogy is an analogy.  I’m certainly hoping this blog will help to motivate and encourage me to up my finished object count. In addition, I’ll admit I’m a sharer who loves a good story.  Tales of the epic failures (there are lot of them) and successes are so much a part of learning to make your own clothes. My misadventures are many and frequent, so I hope you aren’t hoping to only see professional photos and perfectly executed button bands.  Now, to finish a few things that are already in the works (particularly because we just handed the vet the equivalent of six months worth of yarn/fabric purchases).  I think I’ll begin by finishing this Wiksten tank…

And this baby cardigan… (yes, it’s out of focus… I can’t give my gift secrets away)


And this Four Winds Quilt…


And this Alder…


And this Immie blanket…


I’m excited to make, I’m excited to share, and I’m excited to see where this goes.  Thank you for joining me .




Also, this is Gunnar the Boston Terrier. He chose to not gorge himself on kibble. Smart cookie, that one.





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